Flexible Warehousing services

Flexible Warehousing

Flexible warehousing solutions

Taylor Warehousing has 12 strategically located, shared user warehouses across the East Midlands all offering fully flexible and cost-effective storage solutions.

All our shared user sites are integrated with Taylors wider supply chain infrastructure and provide a range of logistics solutions including storage, picking, co-packing and transport.

We provide a one-stop shop for warehousing and value added services including:

  • ​Receipt, storage, picking & dispatch
  • Contract Packing
  • Container stuffing and destuffing
  • Stock control
  • Bulk and unit picking
  • Cross docking
  • Kitting & repacking
  • Decanting & de-drumming

Pick & Pack

Rather than the hassle of managing their own warehouse and the problems that come with it, many customers choose to outsource their logistics requirements saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on their core activity.

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

ADR Packed Goods

Our warehouse is fully equipped for the handling and storage of hazardous goods and chemicals. Plus our staff have received specialist training to comply with legislation on the storage of hazardous goods. Our drivers are ADR qualified, enabling us to transport your goods safely.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Proof of delivery is often an essential aspect of your distribution process. Our systems allow us to collect data on who received what goods when and where. This data is available to you, so you can have piece of mind your goods have been received safely and on-time.

Flexible Warehousing Support

+44 (0)1623 759595

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