Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Taylors Warehousing uses an advanced warehouse management system to meet your requirements for flexible, responsive and quality warehousing services.

Our Warehouse Management System is configured to support warehouse operations and contains details of all goods stored within our facility including:

  • ​Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Case pack
  • Bar codes
  • Location (including capacity)
  • Date
  • Goods type (case or pallet)
  • Goods restrictions (hazardous, value, material etc.)

Comprehensive warehouse reporting incorporates all aspects of warehouse documentation, operational and management reporting and customer KPI reporting to meet the highest standards.

By maintaining a comprehensive record of all stock and details, accessing history, stock levels or minimum reorder levels, all the required management information to meet the requirements of your warehousing operation is available on a real time basis.

Pick and pack services

Pick and pack

Our pick and pack service allows you to grow your business safe in the knowledge we are behind you, managing and delivering your goods to your customers efficiently and timely.

We have full traceability on all jobs and total inventory control.

Our modern warehouses keep your goods safe and in perfect condition.

Barcode Scanning

Radio frequency (RF) handheld barcode scanning enhances our real-time system. Whether you are recording goods received into, or booked out of the warehouse, or moving stock from one location to another, hand held scanners and our EDI integration instantly update records delivering efficiency and accuracy.

Stock Allocation

Automatic stock allocation routines help to improve stock rotation and optimise the allocation of stock to orders. Based on user configurable rules, such as first in first out or using best before dates, to ensure older stock is dispatched first.

Warehousing Solutions

Need your goods stored safely and fully catalogued in real time. Then give us a call or email us for your personalised quote.

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